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Green Business Norway is a professional organization acting on behalf of enterprises in the Environmental Energy & Technology sector. Our role is to contribute to innovation, co-operation and project development on behalf of the members of our organization.


Cycled Technologies at Technoport Nordic Deep Tech 2019

Cycled Technologies, one of our Accelerator companies was invited as a mainstage speaker at Technoport's Nordic Deep Tech, discussing Global Goals and how simple collaborations locally can contribute to solving the environmental challenges we are facing globally.
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Members in Focus

Oil sands flirtation leads to cleantech breakthrough

Ennox Oil Solutions is a good example of a new business opportunity resulting from the intersection of two very different sectors of the economy. In this case, some innovators offering industrial waste treatment solutions encountered some fellow innovators offering solutions for oil well stimulation. They realized that their solutions could be combined to create all-new technologies and products. That was the starting point for developing the patented EGX (Ennox Green Extraction) process, a solution for extracting oil from solid materials such as soil, sand, and mud.

Norner tightens grip on growth ambitions

Having made steady progress and with its original ambition well established, Norner – the privately owned research institute – is set to continue its exciting course. Some of the development initiatives being taken now are among the most exciting and pioneering since the company was spun off from Borealis four years ago.
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