New disruptive Blockchain technology - Cycled Technologies teams up with Akeo

Cycled Technologies and Akeo are teaming up to revolutionise the global recycling industry. Introducing blockchain technology as a building block in the Cycled platform sets a visionary path and a new standard for effective, modern and sustainable recycling of waste.


The blockchain powered Cycled app is an easy to use and effective tool for both waste disposers and collectors in both developing and developed countries. Adding incentive mechanisms and blockchain technology into that, a disruptive concept is soon to be introduced to the international recycling market.

AKEO is a leading European specialist firm in development of blockchain based technologies and fintech projects. “Cycled Technologies has the potential to become a key player in the future recycling community. We are exited about integrating blockchain technology as part of the Cycled Platform -says CEO of Akeo, Espen Moen Kvelland

Basically, our technology allows us to digitally keep records of all waste management transactions, including the distribution of incentives, in a fast, cheap and transparent manner. Meaning that, for the first time, a comprehensive waste management database would be kept publicly. Synonymous to the “Credit Score”, this allows for a system where everyone is held responsible for their waste, and distribution of incentives is transparent – says President and Co-founder of Cycled, Ayoola Brimmo.

As a startup, Cycled Technologies AS is taking the ICO route to raise funds for its pilot projects in the early stage markets. Cryptocurrencies Etherum will be collected in exchange for the Utility Token: Cycled Tokens. (CYD). The funds gathered from this process will help Cycled iterate with strategies and implement the building blocks of our models in the target markets in preparation for a full market entry in 2019. An exception to this is the Nigeria and UAE markets where we have already carried out iteration based pilots and will now be focusing on extending our reach to broader userbase in those countries.

Cycled is supported by Green Business Norway Accelerator, a platform for Norwegian and international start-up businesses that offer innovative solutions for the circular economy. The platform provides start-ups with access to an international network for developing and commercialising technology and growing their business

Contact information Cycled Technologies: President and Co-founder Ayoola Brimmo

Contact information Akeo: CEO, Espen Moen Kvelland