CBWM partners visit Norway to learn about organic waste recycling facilities and incentives in waste

Project partners from the Circular Based Waste Management-CBWM project from Mažeikiai municipality, the Telšiai Regional Waste Management Center (Lithuania) and Paide Town Government, (Estonia) returned to Norway for their second study tour. The tour took place in the Oslo and Bergen regions, this time to learn about organic waste recycling in Norway and incentives in waste.


The tour began by visiting the facilities for recycling organic waste of Grønn Vekst and learning about how their composting site works. The tour continued at Den Magiske Fabrikken (the Magic factory) owned by GREVE where food waste and manure from the local farms at the Vestfold region are recycled into climate-friendly biogas for vehicles, renewable CO2 and biofertiliser. The facility is connected to the Knowledge and Experience Centre which can be visited by schools to learn about sorting and nutrients in the soil, photosynthesis, the workings of a greenhouse and how biofertilizer produced there is used to grow tomatoes.


While in Bergen, the group met with BIR and learned about how waste can be handled in an environmentally correct and cost-efficient way by using an incentive system based on the pay as you throw model.

Finally the group, experienced how software solutions can help increase the amount of waste materials entering the circular economy through Carrot, which rewards good sorting by analysing data that show who throws what.


The Circular Based Waste Management project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation.

For further information visit the project news page here or contact thor@greenbusiness.no