Air quality monitoring cooperation deal signed 13 October at Hubei-Norway Days in Shanghai

Air quality monitoring cooperation deal signed 13 October at Hubei-Norway Days in Shanghai
15. October 2010

Lindum International, RPR Technologies, TiTech, Cambi and NILU enjoyed a high profile during the environmental and energy technology seminar held on 13 October as part of the Hubei-Norway Days in Shanghai. A cooperation agreement with Hubei province on air quality monitoring was also signed at the seminar.

Signing the cooperation agreement with the Hubei Environmental Protection Bureau.

Front row, from left: Li Liu, NILU; Li Guobin, Vice Director, Hubei Environmental Protection Bureau; Thor Sverre Minnesjord, Green Business Norway.
Back row, from left: Qin Yu, Deputy Director General, Foreign Affairs Office of the Hubei Provincial Government; Gunn Marit Helgesen, Convener of Telemark County Council; Arild H. Blixrud, Norwegian Consul in Shanghai.

Lu Liu from NILU presents solutions for air quality monitoring in Hubei.

Janne Buhaug from Lindum International presents waste management solutions.

Harald Kleiven from Cambi gives a presentation on recycling opportunities and the energy potential of biosolids.

Working with Hubei province, China, to monitor air quality
An important milestone in market development for Norwegian exporters of environmental and energy technology was reached during the Hubei-Norway Days when NILU (the Norwegian Institute for Air Quality Monitoring), Hubei EPB (Hubei Environmental Protection Bureau) and GBN (Green Business Norway) signed an agreement to work together to develop a new air quality monitoring system for nine cities in China’s Hubei province. NILU has the task of developing and delivering the system, while Hubei EPB is the client and development partner. GBN’s role is to support both parties and coordinate the ongoing working relationship.
Growing opportunities for Norway-China cooperation
Chinese companies are increasingly open to industrial and commercial cooperation in fields such as air quality monitoring, waste management, materials recycling and energy recovery from biosolids.
The seminar focused on trends and developments in these market segments, and on current and future solutions. The Chinese market, and Hubei province in particular, offers attractive opportunities in the form of a growing focus on minimizing waste and recycling materials. What’s more, a number of new commercial players with a background in other sectors are entering the biosolids business. These players are clearly interested in the opportunities for both energy recovery and fertilizer production.
The environmental and energy technology seminar was jointly organized by GBN, NEEC (Norwegian Environment og Energy Consortium) and Hubei EPB.
Hubei-Norway Days is an annual event run by Telemark province and Hubei province in partnership. This year’s event, the third consecutive annual event, was organized to coincide with the Shanghai EXPO, which ends in October 2010.
Information on the seminar is available to download from the activities section of the Green Business Norway website.

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