Sustainable Energy Conference in Sumy

The Days of Sustainable Energy conference opened officially on September 26th in Sumy City’s Territorial Community. The event was an initiative of the Department of Finance, Economy and Investments of the Sumy City Council, under the EU project “Covenant of Mayors – East”.

The Mayor of Sumy City, Mr. Oleksandr Lysenko opened the event with remarks highlighting the importance of sustainable energy practices at any time and especially during hard times such the ones Ukraine is going through at the moment:

“For 7 years in a row, starting in 2015, we called this event a city-wide holiday, but not today. This year we are not celebrating… Even in such a difficult time for our country, we are obliged to remind everyone about the need to be frugal with energy resources and preserve the environment. The city of Sumy will continue to develop, supporting the European Green Course for the restoration of the natural environment and transformational growth to create a resource-efficient and climate-neutral community.”

Speakers joined online representing international projects, non-governmental public organizations, and scientists, offering insights and results from implementing European Union projects.

Projects and plans presented focused on transitions to clean energy, efficient use of energy, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and measures for preventing climate change. Scientific developments for energy management in communities was also discussed as well as achieving the European Green Course Goals.

Green Business Norway as expert partner for the Circular Based Waste Management project participated at the event, where Thor Sverre Minnesjord offered insights on waste sorting, depositing, recycling and financing systems in Norway as part of Norway’s Circular Economy Roadmap 2030.

The Circular Based Waste Management project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation.

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