Future Synthesis wins R8 Flying Start Award at Gründeruka

Future Synthesis made its debut at Gründeruka 2019 and is off to a Flying Start with the award by R8, which now grants the award for the third year in a row.


It was predicted decades ago that technology would be advancing at an accelerated rate. Not only this prediction is true today, but it is obvious to anyone that it will keep advancing fast. Already for most of us it is tough to keep up with its advancements and the gap between understanding and using technology is getting wider.

This is where Future Synthesis aims to help close the gap, by enabling people to take ownership of technology and be part of its advancement rather than passive users. Its first product, the mechatronic head, aims to teach about electronics, robotics, programming, 3D printing and components such as motors and sensors, all encompassed in one unit. It comes as a kit in the form of a head but the possibilities it offers are endless, one can choose to redesign it into any form they like and use it for example to learn how to control the domotics of their home.


The mechatronic head embodies the concept of the company – that of Synthesis, that solutions to most technological problems nowadays exist, it is more a question of know-how, knowing of their existence, and knowing of the possibilities of what exists, and combination of these to create new solutions.

Practically, the mechatronic head is currently aimed at Universities and colleges, which have given extremely positive feedback. Future Synthesis recently received the commercialization grant from Innovation Norway and has agreed to pilot projects with the Arctic University of Norway – UiT (Tromsø) and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Barcelona).

The R8 Flying Start award will be very handy as Future Synthesis embarks in the next steps of its journey. The prize consists of 30 hours of consulting services from R8 Edge and R8 Consulting respectively, 1 year rent of office space from R8 Property, and 3 hours of advice from R8’s founder, Emil Eriksrød.

Future Synthesis will continue receiving support from the Green Business Norway Accelerator and we congratulate them on their success and to a Flying Start!

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