Turning the desert into fertile land again

Over the past 10 years, Desert Control have been working to create the perfect recipe, an innovative solution called LNC, whose purpose is to turn desert soil into fertile land. Turning desert soil into fertile land normally takes 7-15 years, Desert Control’s solution takes a record 7 hours!



Desert Control, joined Green Business Norway as a member in 2017 in order to tap into the support and resources on offer in entering the GCC and MENA region as a beachhead market for their solution following successful field tests carried out in Egypt and Pakistan.

Together with GBNs support, Desert Control have run a field test with excellent results at a farm in Al Ain from November 2017 to February 2018. A detailed summary of the field test can be found on the DC homepage (www.desertcontrol.com).

Subsequently GBN assisted Desert Control to successfully apply for the 100k USD Impact Innovation Grant launched by the Dubai Expo 2020. The grant was awarded to Desert Control in the summer of 2018.


Desert Control plans to use the grant money to develop an industrial scale production unit for LNC and carry out additional field tests in collaboration with the International Center of Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA) in Dubai. The field tests are intended to further optimize the LNC recipes for different crop and soil types.

Another focus is on optimizing and ultimately automating irrigation based on soil, crop and environmental parameters such as air humidity, groundwater levels, temperature etc. Desert Control have set up a local branch in the IN5 incubator under the DMCC free zone in Dubai in August 2018 and are planning to carry out further field tests in other areas in the region. Desert Control is in parallel currently in the process of joining forces with local partners and potential distributors. GBN is continuously supporting and advising Desert Control in their approach where requested and is actively scouting for new opportunities in the region.

“Desert Control have had the pleasure of working with the Green Business Norway team in the UAE on several occasions and we are very happy with the work performed and the continuous support and local market insights. Desert Control Middle East FZ LLC will continue to engage GBN in upcoming projects in the GCC, knowing that GBN delivers high quality work on time and on budget, and the team is a pleasure to work with as well!”

Atle Idland, Managing Director Desert Control Middle East FZ LLC