Norwegian prime minister meets Green Business Norway

On Tuesday 18 August, Norwegian prime minister Erna Solberg visited Klosterøya in Skien, a hub of knowledge-based businesses, including the head office of Green Business Norway. Over lunch with the prime minister, local business representatives proudly promoted the diverse and innovative economy of the Grenland region.


The delegation included Thor Sverre Minnesjord, CEO of Green Business Norway, who took the opportunity to raise several important issues with the prime minister.

Government keen to encourage green innovation
Ms Solberg and Mr Minnesjord agreed on the importance of encouraging innovative green technology based on renewable energy sources. The prerequisites for successful innovation include sharing information and knowledge, and working with international partners, they stressed.

Green Business Norway playing a key role in the green shift
Local and regional elections take place in Norway this September. The prime minister, a member of the conservative Høyre party, was reminded of the economic potential inherent in the transition to a green economy, and of the need for Norway to develop more industries with the ability to compete globally.

In the context of this green shift, the Scandinavian members of Green Business Norway exemplify the type of businesses that will be central to the future economic success of Norway and the other Nordic countries.

Addressing the meeting, Ms Solberg said: “We must invest in technological research, development and knowledge that is applicable to other sectors besides the oil industry.”