Reaping the fruits of Polish-Norwegian cooperation

Vice governor and vice marshal open plenary session.jpg

The cooperation between Telemark county, City of Lublin and the Lubelskie region of Poland, Green Business Norway and its member businesses is bearing fruit. TergoPower is in the final phase before the establishment of its first straw-fired power plants at an 140 million Euro investment, and Tomra Collection solutions is in pilot with automated collection solutions for beverage containers in Lublin City.

Tomra’s pilot is a very important step toward implementation of the automated system for the collection of beverage containers, in the course of a couple of years, it may lead to a three-digit number of installations in the Lubelskie region. That is, if the pilot is followed by a full-scale project as planned. The interest among the public has been outstanding.

At a conference in Lublin recently,  representatives of regional authorities in Lublin, the Lubelskie region and colleagues from the county of Telemark, Green Business Norway and member companies teamed up to discuss possible expansions of the on-going cooperation. Lublin city expressed significant interest in investments concerning automated water monitoring equipment to be financed by NFM.

During the conference, a valuable platform of cooperation between proven Norwegian technology, suppliers of waste feedstock and experts within the field of utilization of biogas was built. As a result, conference participants submitted a common position letter addressing necessary changes in Polish legal framework that will guarantee the development of the market for the suppliers of co digestion biogas plants,