The city of Daye and GBN signs MoU


The city of Daye in the Hubei province of China rand GBN recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the development of projects. The agreement covers projects in the areas of optical sorting, substrate of food waste for biogas production, sludge handling and monitoring of local and regional water resources, and the GBN member companies will contribute their expertise, technology and solutions.

In the initial phase of the contract period, development of cooperation between GBN member companies and local partners in each delivery area will be of particular interest. The contract has a potential of several hundred million NOKs in exports, says CEO Thor Sverre Minnesjord in Green Business Norway.

Daye City is one of eight cities included in the urban structure that surrounds the provincial capital of Wuhan in Hubei. The MoU was developed within the cooperation between Telemark County and the Hubei province, which was established in 2006. Hubei with its 60 million inhabitants is one of the provinces in central China, which has a total of about 360 million people. Central China is one of GBN´s priority markets.