Environment and Renewable Energy Seminar, Shanghai

Environment and Renewable Energy Seminar, Shanghai – Green Business Norway
13. Oktober 2010

Environment and Renewable Energy seminar October 13th 20102010

Ramada Pudong Hotel, Shanghai October 13th 0900 am – 1700 pm


0900 – 1200 Environmental monitoring, waste management and operations, current situation, trends and developments

0900 – 0930 Welcome address By/ Green Business Norway and Hubei EPB
致欢迎词 Green Business Norway 和湖北环保厅

1000 – 1030 Environmental monitoring and management Hubei province
By/Wang Zhifang, Senior Engineer,Hubei Environmental Monitoring Centre
湖北省的环境监测与管理 望志方,高工,湖北省环境监测中心站

1030 – 1100 Solutions for environmental monitoring and management
By/ Li Liu, Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU)
环境管理与监测的解决方案 刘力,挪威大气研究所

1100 – 1115 Coffee break 休息

1115 – 1145 The development of waste management, waste handling, and energy recovery from waste in Hubei Province
By/ Mr. Zhan,Wei, PhD. Huazhong University of Science and Technology
湖北省关于垃圾管理和处理,以及能源回收方面的发展 占伟,博士,华中科技大学环境学院

1145 – 1215 Modern waste management operations and handling, Masdar City, UAE as a case example
By /Janne Buhaug, Director Research and development projects, Lindum International AS
Janne Buhaug,项目研发主管,Lindum International AS

1215 – 1330 Lunch 午宴

1330 – 1700 Value of waste, modern recycling solutions and energy recovery from waste, zero emission and energy saving solutions for surface coating removal, current situation, trends and developments
现代化垃圾回收处理方案,垃圾的价值,垃圾的能源回收,无污染节能型 涂层清除技术处理方案,现状趋势与发展

1330 – 1400 End-of-pipe Municipal solid waste recycling potential
By /Zhao, Youcai, Professor, Shanghai Tongji University of Environmental Science and Engineering, Fujian

1400 – 1430 Zero Emission and energy saving solutions for surface coating removal in maintenance industries
By/ Richard Espeseth, CEO RPR Technologies

1430 – 1500 Building vessels without pollution, protect clean sea and blue sky
By/Wang,Jun,General Manager,Wuhan Zhongzhou Environmental Protection Equipment Co.Ltd

1500 – 1530 Coffee break 休息

1530 – 1600 Optical sorting as a solution for waste recycling and material recovery from waste
By/Ted Park Regional Manager ASIA, TiTech
Ted Park先生–TiTech公司亚洲区经理,

1600 – 1630 Introduction regarding sludge management in Wuhan
By/ Wang, Changqing, General manager, Wuhan urban drainage development Co.Ltd
汪常青, 总经理,武汉市排水公司

Sludge treatment in Wuhan, current situation and outlook
By/Qian min, vice general manager, Hubei Both urban and rural environmental engineering Co.Ltd.

1630 – 1700 Solutions and technologies, achieving optimal energy and resource recovery from sludge and wet organic waste
By/Harald Kleiven, Cambi AS