General assembly and member meeting

General assembly and member meeting
24. Mars 2009

Quality Hotel Tønsberg, Ollebukta 3, NO-3126 Tønsberg 1500hrs


  1. Constitution
  2. Annual report 2008
  3. Membership fee 2009
  4. Briefing budget and action plan 2009
  5. Election, board members and election committee general assembly 2010


1600 – 1630 networking

1630 – 1830 business presentations

Briefing about Green Business Conference
Thor Sverre Minnesjord, Managing Director GBN

Central and Eastern Europe opportunities and challenges for Norwegian Cleantech industry
/Ewa Kwast, Innovation Norway Poland

Miljø Innovasjon a new concept for production of electric cars
Ivar Brynhildsvoll CEO Miljø Innovasjon AS

GreenStream Network AS Introduction to CDM mechanisms and trading mechanisms in the carbon and renewable energy markets
v/Ingrid Christie, analyst GreenStream Network AS