Nordic Green II, San Fransisco, April 27-28th 2010

Nordic Green II, San Fransisco, April 27-28th 2010
27. April 2010

Nordic Green II, the follow up on the widely successful Nordic Green 2008, is a two day conference covering a broad spectrum of green technologies where Nordic companies have world leading innovations. Nordic Green II is the premier forum for Nordic companies to gain exposure and connect with the VCs, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, potential customers, researchers and experts in the dynamic Silicon Valley innovation ecosystem.

The Nordic Green II website Nordic Green II

The Nordic Green II Venue SRI International, Menlo Park, CA

Nordic Cleantech Alliance beeing one of the conference stakeholders are actively involved in attracting Nordic businesses to join the event. Green Business Norway beeing a member of the alliance will take part in the event together with Norwegian businesses with interests in the US market.

For further information about NORDIC GREEN II please contact Lisbeth Smestad at Innovation Norway office San Fransisco, or +1 415 246-4933

For further information about Nordic Cleantec Alliance and Green Business Norway presence at the event, please contact Thor Sverre Minnesjord at Green Business Norway office, or +4790863349