Fugro Oceanor AS

Fugro Oceanor specializes in the design, production, technological development and installation of environmental monitoring systems for rivers, lakes, coastal waters and oceans. The company’s range of comprehensive monitoring solutions includes the well-known Seawatch, Riverwatch and Soilwatch systems.

The company also acts as a systems integrator and has developed special measuring instruments, buoys, monitoring stations, software and mathematical models for physical, chemical and biological parameters.

Fugro Oceanor, part of the Dutch Fugro Group, has 25 years’ international experience in marine monitoring technology, hydrology, instrumentation, electronics, applied metrology, oceanography and software development.

Contact:Olaf Sveggen
Postal address:Postboks 1224 Sluppen, 7462 Trondheim
Visiting address:Pir Senteret, Havnegata 9, 7462 Trondheim
Phone:+47 73 54 52 00
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