Høst AS

Lindum operates a number of waste management facilities in the Østland region, with subsidiaries in Hurum (Lindum Oredalen AS) and Fredrikstad (Bioressurs Østlandet AS) and branch operations in Son and Skien.

Lindum has become known as an innovative player in the waste management industry, focused on designing corporate waste management solutions, converting waste to commercial products, biological waste treatment, and waste-to-energy solutions.

Lindum devotes considerable resources to developing and implementing waste treatment solutions designed to exploit the commercial value and address the environmental impact of waste.

The company has developed a range of biological waste treatment solutions and is investing in its own sludge-powered biogas plant. Internationally, Lindum works in partnership with various companies, focusing especially on the Polish market.

Contact:Pål Smiths
Postal address:Lerpeveien 155, 3036 Drammen
Visiting address:Lerpeveien 155, 3036 Drammen
Phone:+47 32 21 09 00 / +47 41 54 68 56
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