TOMRA creates sensor-based solutions for optimum resource productivity, greater profitability and a better environment. Operating in over 50 markets worldwide, the company employs 18,000 people in two divisions: Collection Solutions and Sorting Solutions.

TOMRA Collection Solutions
Having delivered some 67,000 systems in 30 markets, TOMRA is the global market leader in reverse vending machines. Over 30 billion bottles and cans are collected annually through TOMRA systems.

TOMRA Sorting Solutions
TOMRA Sorting Solutions supplies sensor-based sorting and processing technology. The company offers more than 25 applications designed for the recycling industry and has installed over 6,000 sensor-based systems worldwide.

Contacts:TOMRA Sorting :Tom Eng, TOMRA Collection: Aleksander Mortensen
Postal address:Postboks 278, 1372 Asker
Visiting address:Drengsrudhagen 2, 1385 Asker
Phone:+47 66 79 91 00 /


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