Norsk Biogass wins innovation award


The innovation award celebrates advances in waste management. BioSep® technology from Norsk Biogass streamlines the pre-treatment of food waste for use in generating renewable energy.

In its citation, the jury listed three reasons for the award:
– BioSep® is fully developed and has proved itself to be of a high technical standard.
– BioSep® has proven benefits in that it solves the problem of removing packaging from food waste.
– BioSep® has the potential to be adopted in Norway and other countries.

About Norsk Biogass
Norsk Biogass AS supplies pre-treatment technology to prepare food waste and organic residue from existing waste streams for use in renewable energy production.

The company’s patented core technology, BioSep®, enables users to automate the removal of packaging from food products and transport packaging from food waste. The technology also efficiently removes plastic and other alien substances from source-separated food waste collected from households. BioSep® technology makes it possible to use organic residue from existing waste streams to generate renewable energy.

Food waste is a major problem with serious environmental consequences if it is not treated properly. On the other hand, as a raw material for biogas production, organic waste is a valuable energy resource. Unfortunately, large quantities of organic material currently go to waste in incinerators in Norway and worldwide, in the absence of efficient pre-treatment technology.

To learn more about Norsk Biogass and BioSep® technology, please visit the company’s website: