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Parcella AS New member of Green Business Norway

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The newly established Parcella AS is making a significant investment in innovative cultivation technology. With strong leadership and high expertise, the company aims to conquer a rapidly growing market.

The Company:

Parcella AS is an innovative player in vertical farming technology and Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). With a focus on sustainability and efficiency, Parcella has developed a fully automated technology that integrates artificial intelligence, servo-robot technology, and conveyor systems. This enables optimal vertical cultivation of vegetables, fruits, and plants indoors. The technology is scalable and tailored for both small and large businesses, making future cultivation technology accessible and manageable for end users of all sizes.

“We look forward to the collaboration with Green Business Norway and aspire to be part of a dynamic start-up environment that can propel us forward,” says Kim Jensen from Parcella.

Parcella Vertikal dyrkningsteknologi


Parcella addresses environmental and societal challenges associated with traditional agriculture and food transportation. The solution can reduce the use of pesticides and significantly decrease the carbon footprint associated with transportation.

The company’s technology simplifies the transition to vertical farming by reducing technological complexity and startup costs. It offers a modular, energy-efficient, and cost-effective solution tailored to customers’ needs, whether they are cultivating indoors or developing and streamlining their greenhouse solution.

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Team with Solid Experience:

Parcella has assembled a diverse team and board. The company possesses high expertise in natural sciences, engineering, entrepreneurship, economics, and the food industry.

This includes founders with extensive experience from technology companies, a head chef with experience from some of the country’s leading gourmet restaurants, leaders in food distribution, and experts in software development and green technology.

Market and Vision for the Future

Parcella aims to become a leading provider in CEA internationally. We are working towards establishing a robust sales network, and our brand should represent innovation and quality with a strong focus on the environment and social responsibility.

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Future Food Production

Parcella represents a forward-thinking and sustainable approach to food production. With a strong team, innovative technology, and a clear focus on the environment and ethics, the company is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the agricultural sector.

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Kim Jensen

Executive Vice-Chairman

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