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VISION 2015: By 2015, GBN aims to be a national engine and hub of
innovation, development and globalization for Norwegian cleantech businesses.

This vision challenges GBN as an organization in a number of areas. We
are continuously working on improving our services to members, our financing
model and our operating model, and we are recruiting new members
of staff to bolster the organization.

Our key objectives and activities:

  • To assist our member businesses with innovation, cooperation and project development
  • To be Norway’s premier centre of excellence for innovation in the cleantech sector
  • To play a formative role in all relevant arenas
  • To help connect research and development, government support and private capital with projects in
    our network
  • To possess the expertise and resources that can best contribute to improving the development capacity of our member businesses in such a way that the results can be measured and documented
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