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Oil sands flirtation leads to cleantech breakthrough

Ennox Oil Solutions is a good example of a new business opportunity resulting from the intersection of two very different sectors of the economy. In this case, some innovators offering industrial waste treatment solutions encountered some fellow innovators offering solutions for oil well stimulation. They realized that their solutions could be combined to create all-new technologies and products. That was the starting point for developing the patented EGX (Ennox Green Extraction) process, a solution for extracting oil from solid materials such as soil, sand, and mud.

Miljøbil Grenland: A midget flexes its muscles

Miljøbil Grenland made no secret of its change of direction during the first quarter of 2011. Bernt Ausland, the company’s CEO, clasps his hands and pretends he is shaking dice: “New deal.”

Norner tightens grip on growth ambitions

Having made steady progress and with its original ambition well established, Norner – the privately owned research institute – is set to continue its exciting course. Some of the development initiatives being taken now are among the most exciting and pioneering since the company was spun off from Borealis four years ago.

Norsk Biogass wins innovation award

At last week’s waste management conference in Lillehammer, Norsk Biogass AS was presented with Avfall Norge’s inaugural innovation award for 2010. Inventor and partner Bjørn Bu accepted the award on behalf of the company before an audience of over 700 delegates from Norway and abroad.

Cambi AS is awarded its largest Thermal Hydrolysis contract

Cambi has been awarded a contract for the largest Cambi Thermal Hydolysis plant ever built, as part of a £75 million project to enhance sludge treatment at Davyhulme, Manchester.

Miljø-Teknologi AS wins major order

Development and innovation pay off. Miljø-Teknologi, a company specializing in air and gas purification, is to provide odour extraction equipment for Stockholm’s largest sewage treatment plant and one of the world’s biggest fish feed factories. The value of orders received in the first three weeks of 2010 was NOK 10.5 million, equal to last year’s total sales revenue.

Proteus S. A.

Clean Bio-Processes for a Sustainable Future Every year, failure in environmental protection costs the industry and local authorities huge amounts of money. Protéus develops environmental bio-based protection measures that reduce costs and increase the industry competitiveness.

Geoenergi: Pumping cash savings out of the ground

By using a geothermal system to harness natural heat from deep below ground and pump it indoors, businesses and individuals can cut their electricity consumption by more than half. But despite several successes for the technology in Norway, it has attracted little attention from politicians, the business community and consumers. Green Business Norway’s business of the month for October is Geoenergi AS, which supplies complete turnkey geothermal systems. Established in 1999 by Rune Helgesen, the company is now one of the leading players in the Norwegian market.

Norsk Biogass AS

Norsk Biogass was founded on 1 June 2006. The company has built its business around a technology invented by Tønsberg-based Norsk Biogassubstrat AS.

Aquateam celebrates 25 years of environmental consulting

On 1 March 2009, Aquateam AS marked the 25th anniversary of its foundation as an offshoot of the Norwegian Institute for Water Research. Green Business Norway invited Bjarne Paulsrud, Aquateam’s managing director, to talk about his company and, in particular, the key trends and developments in sludge treatment.

Tata Motors invests in Miljøbil Grenland

Tata Motors has made a big investment in Miljøbil Grenland AS through a private placing of shares last autumn with Tata Motors European Technical Centre, a subsidiary of the Indian car manufacturer. Tata has acquired the stake in the Norwegian electric-car company with a view to producing electric-vehicle batteries on an industrial scale and establishing a production line for converting vehicles to electric power.
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