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Reduce your business’ environmental footprint
Protéus provides bio-based resources and support to the life cycle assessment teams in the industry that need to reduce the environmental footprint of their business. The aim of Protéus is to promote the optimal use of biotechnology to manufacture products and renewable energy in a synergistic integrated cycle of profit making processes where the waste of each process becomes the feedstock for another process.
Protéus bio-based solutions for green chemistry and renewable energy enable the industry to design processes right from the beginning in a way that pollution and waste are not generated in the first place. Alongside with lower costs, lower risks and higher margins, white biotechnology processes provide environmental benefits of lower emissions, less energy use and less use of fossil natural resources.


Biocatalysis for green chemistry
Bioprocesses developed by Protéus benefit from the unsurpassed selectivity of the protein catalysts which make life possible. These catalysts are rapidly biodegraded when released in the environment and contain neither heavy metal nor any other toxic compound. Starting from vegetal feedstock or chemical intermediates, such bio-catalysts enable to form new chemical entities, to obtain enantiopure compounds, to skip multiple protection/deprotection steps and to operate under mild conditions, hence forming lower amounts of undesired by-products.

Bio-based solutions for bioremediation and waste management
Preventive environmental protection does not eliminate the need for waste management, bioremediation, detoxification, waste-water treatment or decontamination of operating or abandoned industrial sites, or biofilm removal. Because they have virtually no environmental impact, bio-based solutions have become an increasingly attractive alternative.
Protéus has gained a unique expertise in developing bio-based solutions for remediation of contaminated environments, whether water, air or land. The company develops enzymes and bio-based systems to accelerate degradation of a variety of toxic substances. As an example, specific solutions were developed by Protéus to detoxify and decontaminate environments where chemical and biological warfare (CBW) agents were disseminated. Certain CBW agents that are extremely persistent in the environment and recalcitrant to biodegradation or decontamination were efficiently eliminated. Our unique combination of expertise and technologies enables us to develop customized bio-based solutions to help the industry to face with their specific environmental challenges
From Renewable Feedstock to Next-Generation Bioenergy
Biotechnology also provides tools to efficiently convert biomass into energy with dramatically lower energy inputs and net carbon emissions. Our technology platform enables us to develop processes that improve and accelerate the conversion of biomass from a variety of origin, including lignocellulosic feedstock from agricultural waste, municipal waste or activated sludge, into biofuels and biogas.


Science for a cleaner industry
A high throughput biology platform enables Protéus to develop new high performance bio-based solutions for a cleaner and more competitive industry. We discover new genes and new enzymatic activities of interest by screening our vast and unique collection of microbial biodiversity, including probably the broadest collection worldwide of micro-organisms originating from extreme environments. Using our cutting-edge proprietary technology platform – including gene shuffling, gene expression and high throughput screening – we develop bespoke high performance proteins that fit with the specific requirements of the targeted application in the chemical, energy and environmental sectors. Our in-house fermentation capabilities enable us to support the scale-up of the bioprocesses.


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